Vermillion Police Department have issued an appeal to the public today, for anyone with any information regarding a suitcase used by the perpetrator in the Carson Smith murder.

Detectives have released two images of a case identical to the one used, a vintage, tan leather, large case. They ask for members of the public to get in touch if they have seen this case or can identify the owner. Any information will be treated in confidence.

Friday 10th November 2519


Decorated hero, Captain Jefferson Tyrell, was given the send off he deserved as Vermillion came to a standstill yesterday. A lengthy funeral procession, with full police escort, wound its way through the heart of the city, and most public services were suspended. The funeral drew hundreds of uniformed officers from across the sector. Their demonstration of honour and unity was a sight never to be forgotten.


The heart of the pharmaceutical industry on Greenleaf





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The life of Mrs. Luna Tyrell was also celebrated as she was laid to rest alongside her husband. A philanthropist and regular worshipper at the Mission, where she was put at risk by the controversial serial murderer Reverend Henry Powers, Mrs. Tyrell and her husband leave behind one daughter, Twyla. 

Officers Miles O'Brien and Peter Redtop were also laid to rest, and were posthumously awarded the Greenleaf Medal of Honour for bravery. Detective Victor Swift, who like Mrs. Tyrell had been a regular attendee at the Mission, was not present at the funeral as he remains in hospital following surgery to his leg. Detective Cecily Degeneres, looking badly bruised to her face following her life saving actions on the scene, attended the funeral, but her partner Interpol Agent James Carter did not. He remains in hospital with injuries from the explosion set off by Powers in the devastating murder suicide that has shocked everyone in Vermillion City.


Officers Jeffery Kowalski and Wade Flint, both of whom were shot by Powers in the hostage incident at Powers' residence on 4th November, were also both in attendance. The eulogies for the deceased were read by Marshall Terry Langford of the Greenleaf Skyplex, currently Acting Police Chief for Vermillion, as he conducts the necessary tragic business and oversees assessing the loss to the city. 

ARCHIVE NEWS ~ Popular city hall clerk Carson Smith was found murdered on the 25th November ~  City hero Captain Jefferson Tyrell welcomed Interpol support, and refused to comment on speculation that the death was linked to missing person Laura Bellafonte, the deceased's best friend.